I have been professionally active in the e-learning sector for more than 20 years since my studies in educational science, sociology and philosophy in Frankfurt (Main). My path has led me from product development for an LCMS, to the conception and management of (sub-)projects, to the development and implementation of my own e-learning solutions for companies and institutions (e.g. the competence recording notebook KEN). I have gained professional experience as a project manager, concept developer and consultant, as an employee, managing director and owner of e-learning companies. Since 2007, I have been increasingly involved at the University of Potsdam, the last couple of years at the Centre for Quality Development in Teaching and Learning (ZfQ) and head the Teaching & Media department there. There, we are primarily active in advising and training teachers, in concept development for e-teaching scenarios and in quality development.

The blog joerghafer.de is meant to be a lookout, logbook and location assessment. I live in Berlin, am a member of the GMW board and Xinnovations e.V. . More about me and my work can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing or Facebook.

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