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Designing Postdigital Futures – Who against and why? A comment on a comment

In the context of discussing alternative narratives for digital educational technology, the paper “Designing Postdigital Futures” raises important points but also leaves some questions unanswered. It criticizes the dominant “engineering logic” in educational technology without clearly defining its targets or proposing how an alternative design approach could solve the problem.

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Happy Birthday ChatGPT – Occasional Thoughts on Text AI in Higher Education

On November 30, 2022, we experienced the “iPhone moment of AI.” Here is my attempt to provide brief answers to the key questions. What do university educators need? What should universities and education policy do? What will happen to higher education? Guidance on what? What about examinations? What about the negative impacts? Where does humanity fit in? Conclusion: We cannot expansively address the challenge of integrating AI into higher education without considering the context (goals, policies, culture of higher education).

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Online Lecture Series: Approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals

Policy packages for complete decarbonization in the global north and the global south (Dr. Germ├ín Bersalli IASS). We are pleased to announce the seventh and the last event in our lecture series “Research meets Practice. Scientific and Civil Society Approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals” on Wednesday, 30. November at 16:00 CET, 10:00 COT.

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