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Online Lecture Series: Approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals

Policy packages for complete decarbonization in the global north and the global south (Dr. Germán Bersalli IASS). We are pleased to announce the seventh and the last event in our lecture series “Research meets Practice. Scientific and Civil Society Approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals” on Wednesday, 30. November at 16:00 CET, 10:00 COT.


Start of our lecture series on the SDGs: Connection of the use of goods and services with forest restoration – Ana María Aguirre Cañas

The first event of our lecture series took place on October 19th. The series opened with a Colombian speaker, Ana Maria Aguierre Callas (Head of the ColombiaCONNECT network). In her presentation, she reported on the ColombiaCONNECT network project, its activities and the challenges of promoting sustainability in complex contexts.

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